The task at hand

On Saturday 15th October 2016, Andrew, Zac and David went to Southampton university to get briefed on this years task. Our task this year is called Easy as ABC, which from first ideas seems simple but the strategy is where  the skill is at. All we have to do is retrieve the  cubes from the middle and take them back to the scoring zones.

Scoring is based around a simple principle, each token is worth 1 point. However, depending on which set of cubes you have at the end of the 3 minutes, depends on how many bonus points you have. Bonus points work as follows:

  • If you have an A token and a B token you will score 1 bonus point.
  • Each addition B token from then on will score another bonus point.
  • If you have a C token and a B token and an A token, you will score 2 more bonus points.
  • There is only 1 C token on the arena but 4 A's and 4 B's.

For more information on the competition, rules and specification, please visit the student robotics website


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