The Team

Andrew Pearson

Team Leader


I currently study Maths, Computing and Physics at Barton Peveril. As far as experience is concerned i have previously led teams in various subjects, including Small Business Running and Coordinated Programming, which i feel qualifies me to take on the role of team leader and organizer. From this experience i hope to gain further skills in motivating a workforce, and in ensuring the smooth running of an objective focused team.

David Mapstone

Mechanism and Media Specialist


I am currently studying maths, physics and electronics. I chose to do robotics as I have always had a love for how things work and I really wanted to be part of a team all driven by the same thing. I am really hoping to bond with the team and improve the community outreach of the team sorting out sponsorships and the website.

Daniel Coleman

Media Specialist


My name is Dan Coleman, i am studying Computer science, (use of) maths , and IT, i previously studied electronics. I will be assisting with both programming and media specialist. I hope to further my programming skills and my understanding of how the electronics behind the robot work.

Robert Sterling

Mechanical Designer


 I am currently studying Maths, Physics and Spanish. Throughout the duration of the competition i hope to learn more skills in building and some additional knowledge in programming. My role in the team is to be one of the lead designers for our robot. This role will be requiring me to create sketches and technical drawings.

Matthew Williams



I am currently studying Maths, Computing and Electronics in Barton Peveril College. During my time in robotics and in the competition itself i will be hoping to improve my skills in both programming and practical design. I will be one of the programmers in the team working on getting the robotics to move and function.

Kieran Roberts



I am studying maths, physics and chemistry and previously studied computer science. I will be a programmer for the student robotics challenge. From this, I hope to further my understanding of coding.

Jack Rawlins

Internal Co-ordinator


I am studying applied science, ict and computing at Barton. I pick robots as i thought it would be a fun and interesting experience as well as a challenge and i'm hoping to help with my team with my computing and building skills and act as a middle man and help all the parts of our team communicate and work together so that we can all work at our full potential.

Zac Bull

Mechanical Designer


I currently study Maths, Further Maths, Computing and Physics. I hope to be able to help with programming and building the robot.

James Weare

Health and Safety Advisor


I am James Weare and I’m studying maths, chemistry and physics. I will be helping out with any job that needs to be done so that we can hit our deadlines on time.

I hope to gain teamwork skills and knowledge on how to make a device from concept to the final product.